Buying Programs

Utilize a contract with one of these Buying Programs for your outdoor equipment and installations to avoid extensive bidding. The Buying Programs are purchasing cooperatives created for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services.

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Financing solutions

Lender financing for small and mid-sized businesses, such as Schools, Daycares, Housing Communities, Municipalities and more, so they can acquire new equipment while preserving capital.  

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Riggs Recreation Equipment, Inc. would love to hear from you! 

Our staff can help with site planning and design, playground consulting and proposals. We are here to help answer any question you may have regarding any of our products. 

If you would like someone to contact you, or to request a catalog, please fill out our online form:

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Tennis & Basketball Courts

Have your Tennis Courts lost their "bounce"? Are you building a new court that needs surfacing?
Riggs Recreation with our manufacturers - are a long time member of the American Sports Builders Association and will be able to assist you with the resurfacing/repair of your Tennis and Basketball Courts or with coating new court construction.

Whether your courts need patching, recoated or a membrane overlay system, call us for a free estimate!

We use DecoColor on every court we resurface. DecoColor tennis court surfaces are for people that don’t tour with the pros, but aspire to play like them. Only minor maintenance is necessary to keep the DecoColor tennis surfaces in top condition and looking great for years.  Visit the Colorizer application to view courts in different color combinations at Deco is a division of California Products, also the producer of Plexipave products.

The Nova'ProBounce overlay system can help remedy those large structural cracks in your tennis courts. Nova'ProBounce can be used over asphalt, concrete and even gravel or crushed rock. Not only does this cushioned surface provide biomechanical benefits to the player, it is made from eco-friendly materials that will not harm the environment. This system comes with a 5 Year Warranty on materials and a 1 Year Warranty on installation and workmanship. 

NGI Sports' TitanTrax Shield®™ is a revolutionary membrane system applied over asphalt or concrete courts to protect against reflective cracking in the tennis court surface and to protect the existing pavement, thus elongating the life of an existing court. Designed specifically with resurfacing in mind, the Shield can save monies upon implementation and during the extended life of the court. The technology by which the Shield was derived has been proven in the field that it not only protects against infiltrating moisture, but also against reflective cracking. This system comes with a 5 Year Warranty on materials and a 1 Year Warranty on installation workmanship.  

For specifications on the Nova'ProBounce and TitanTrax Shield, visit  

Crack Repair

Cracking occurs on Tennis and Basketball Courts due to the expansion and contraction of the asphalt or concrete.  The asphalt/concrete starts to deteriorate, causing it to become brittle and shift. These cracks progress as the weather continues to change.  Cracks should be monitored and remedied in a timely manner so to avoid larger issues, like moisture build-up beneath the surface and player trip hazards.  When repairing Tennis and Basketball Courts with considerable cracks, there are a few options to decelerate the existing cracks, but there are no products that can eliminate them completely. Instead of having your courts fixed with regular crack repair patch binder, ask your Representative about alternatives like Armour Crack Repair.

Armour Crack Repair System  is a crack repair system that utilizes a mesh-knitted fabric that will expand as the crack widens. It has flexible properities, which allows for the base to continue its usual movementand shifting, while hindering the crack from expanding too quickly (in areas where weather changes often). Covering the filled in cracks, it then is adhered on the perimeter of the mesh on the asphalt surface, the filled and sealed cracks are hidden beneath the Armour System and then covered over completely with resurfacer and color-coating materials. Although it will not prevent cracks from developing elsewhere on the court, or prevent cracks from growing in length out beyond the repairs done, it successfully keeps repaired structural cracks from reappearing. This system does not come with a warranty.  The Armour Crack Repair System can last any where from 1 year to 13 years.  Every court is different. 

More information about this system can be found at


Referenced Installations:

  • 6 NovaProBounce Courts at Forest Park in Parsons, Kansas

  • 1 NovaProBounce Court at Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center in Wichita, Kansas

  • 3 NovaProBounce Courts at Metro East Tennis Center in Blue Springs, Missouri

  • 2 TitanTrax Shield Quickstart Courts at McAdams Park in Wichita, Kansas

  • 4 TitanTrax Shield Courts at Nevada High School in Nevada, Missouri

  • 4 TitanTrax Shield Courts at Shawnee Mission South High School in Overland Park, Kansas

  • 4 TitanTrax Shield Courts at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas