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Utilize a contract with one of these Buying Programs for your commonly purchased products and services to avoid extensive bidding. The Buying Programs are purchasing cooperatives created for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services.


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ActionFit exercise stations help develop cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and muscle tone for various levels of fitness. Visitors will have a designated fitness solution equipped with instructional signage. The signs also provide QR codes to view equipment in action.


Traditional Series

The Traditional line provides multipurpose stationary fitness equipment for the budget-consioius purchaser. Most products are versatile and can be used for multiple exercise. Users can continually change their routines, enabling a fresh approach to fitness at every visit to the outdoor fitness park. Equipment is available in an assortment of colors and installed in-ground only.


Essentials Series

The Essentials line offers a basic fitness solution for low traffic settings. Many components offer a wellness workout including flexibility and strew relief as well as cardio and strength training. The dual-user aspect of many items promotes socializing and teamwork training. Equipment is available in natural green and beige color.


FitTech Series

The FitTech line offers an intense design solution for high use areas where form and function matter. Users will appreciate the state-of-the art function of the magnetic resistance bearings and rubber spring resistance mechanism that provides a smooth and durable source of resistance for users of various skill levels.  Available in a metallic and black color scheme, to resemble indoor fitness equipment.



A combination of FitTech, Essentials and Traditional Series components to create six different packages.